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The Amistad


Timeless Orchid Flower

 Jean Dominique Volcy is a  natural born talented artist. His passion for art started at a very young age with his elaborate drawings

water color paintings. They are a testimony of the future artist that we behold today. With patience, perseverance and discipline,

Volcy nurtured his art which led him to a range of discoveries and creativities. Later he visited the Bob Blackburn Print Making

Workshop, there he acquired additional knowledge for his artistic career under the guidance of the great artist Otto Neals.

Volcy primary medium is oil  and acrylic.

For the past forty years Volcy has participated in many exhibitions in the Metropolitan area and abroad in venues

such as: The Restoration Center for Art & Culture ( Brooklyn, N.Y. ), The Brooklyn Museum ( Brooklyn N.Y. ), The Bronx Museum 

( Bronx N.Y. ), La Maison Des Arts ( Montreal, Canada ). Kenkeleba Gallery( New York, N.Y. )

His works are included in many books and catalogues: Beyond the Borders , Arts by Recent Immigrants ( Bronx Museum ),

Authentic voices of African American ( Pub. Curriculum Associates Inc. ), The naives and the Moderns
 ( Eva Pataki ),

Haitian Paintings: Art and Kitsch, ( Eva Pataki ), Revolution ( Ella Turenne ),

Colorful Dreams of Haiti ( Frantz Michaud, Dr. Jean Robert Leonidas)

Masterpieces of Haitian Art ( Candice Russell ), The New York Reviews of Books ( Philip Lopate ).

Brief overview of two centuries of Haitian Painting(1804-2004). Dr. Michel Philippe Lerebours.

Brooklyn on my Mind. Dr. Myrah Brown Green.

Volcy was commissioned in year 2000 to create a painting representing the Haitian community in New York for the Census.

Volcy's paintings capture the essence and depth of many aspects that we experience in our life, personifying beauty

through his well defined sense of color, form and balance.

 "My work echoes the murmur, the clamor and joy in our daily life, he says, sometimes my voice is silent and melancholic, 

sometimes it is clear exciting and full of joy" Nonetheless his paintings leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Volcy lives in Brooklyn New York.